Under pressure - your tyre pressure explained

We’ve said it before (and we’re bound to say it again) - adjusting tyre pressure is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to improve your bike’s performance.

Unfortunately though, there is no textbook or table that is going to tell you what the golden pressure front-and-back combo is for you. There simply is too many variables. Getting it right is part science, part trial-and-error and a whole lot of personal preference.

Okay, no need to look so dejected. Here are some basic guidelines to get you there:

If you are running either very low or very high pressures (over 3 Bar) you’re more than likely not getting the best from your bike.
  • In simple terms, the lower the pressure, the faster rolling the tire, the softer the ride and ultimately the better the grip which leads to better performance.
  • That being said ‘lower’ pressure is relative to the size and weight of the rider, the terrain you ride most as well as the quality of the tyre.
  • In the wet you may want about 0.5bar lower than usual for improved traction.
  • Smooth and faster trails can be ridden with slightly more air pressure than a rougher trail.