How to See and be Seen - Must Have Lights for Roadies and Commuters

Visibility is a crucial part of safe cycling, whether you’re a roadie or commuter, here’s a handful of tips and products you need for your next ride.


A properly lit bike and rider (as a whole) is outfitted with front, side and rear lighting (and reflective material on your clothing - more on that soon) to ensure visibility to motorists and pedestrians.

 Many riders assume that lights are reserved only for those who plan to ride after dark. And that lights are expensive. Not so… 

For the road it is best practice to have lights on even during the day. Plus, even if you never intend to ride after dark, you never know when you need to start a training ride or commute in a half-lit dawn or return a little late from a ride or work commute and nightfall catches you. 

It is a simple (and perhaps as complicated) as red in the back, white in the front. As a start, go with a solid white beam in the front and a blinking red light at the back. Mount lights in obvious, visible places and make sure batteries are fresh and/or charged. Here are some options to check out:


To be seen on the road 

M-Wave Accumulator Rear Light Helios K3.1 USB

This light-weight, low-profile rear light features three red LEDs, has a battery level indicator and charges via USB. Mounting is quick and requires no tools.

To take it a step further

M-Wave Atlas K10 USB battery lamp set

This set has a front light featuring one white Genuine Cree XRE Power LED (brightness 25 Lux) and one red high power LED rear light. Both are light-weight and small and mount on their silicone brackets without tools. 

For the minimalist 

M-Wave Mamba battery flashing light

As the name suggests, this set has the ‘snake eyes’. The mini flashing light set includes two lights, a rear red, with two flashing LEDs and a front white, also with two LEDs. Non rechargeable batteries are included.

For the multisport athlete

M-Wave LED Light Band

To be warn on arms or legs for increased visibility, the light band has a velcro strap and features 1 red LED with dual functions (flashing and steady light).

For the serious roadie

Light handlebar Apollon plug

These handlebar plugs (fist on most mountain bike bars too) are red anodised alloy, with 2 red LEDs. They have two functions (flashing and steady light) and because of the the circular design provide 360-degree visibility. They weigh only 22g each and batteries are included. Ideal for early morning or late evening training rides, commuting and even during the day.