About Us

Welcome to the Super Wicked Online Bike Store brought to you by the guys behind Stage N9NE Distribution.

Indeed ‘super, wicked, online, bike, store’ – SWOBS for short – is our tag line and philosophy, garnered from the Sahmurai Sword, of which Stage N9NE is the distributor. 

We offer select premium items aimed at the discerning customer. We have built the platform on the European model of online shopping - internationally online shopping has grown exponentially in the past few years but here in SA we are still lagging a bit, especially in the cycling industry. The current (successful) online sales model in South Africa (in the cycling industry) relies on discounted sale items and special offers, we plan to to change that, but not at the expense of anyone else. 

The idea is not to knock down prices or create competition to what we currently have, rather we plan to offer something of an additional service to the South African consumer. 

Looking for specific products? Those you would traditionally go online and look for abroad? Our aim is to now offer that service on our shores, with swift shipping and solid warranties.

In addition to a shopping portal we are also aiming to become a content platform. We are looking to educate customers on products and their uses through regular editorial features as well as digital newsletters and mailers.